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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team


 Miss L. Francis

(Head Teacher)

Mr G. Dwyer

(Deputy Head Teacher) 

Miss S. Cox

(Assistant Head Teacher) 

Mrs S. Howard

(Safeguarding Coordinator)




Mrs J. Barker

(Business Manager)



Teaching Staff


Miss C. Baker

Nursery Teacher

Miss S. Cox

Reception Teacher

Mrs S. McCutcheon

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Summers

Year 2 Teacher

Miss M Angus

Year 3 Teacher




Miss N Holford

Year 4 Teacher

Miss N. Clarke

Year 5 Teacher

Mr G. Dwyer

Year 6 Teacher

Mr G Ellison

Year 6 Teacher


Miss L. Williams


Support Staff

Miss R Walker


Mrs S. Kelly


Mrs S. Perrens


Miss N. Knox

Mrs J. Lockett


Mrs S. Stacey

Mrs K. Smith

Miss Brandrick

Mrs M. Wilkins


Miss S Moore 


Miss L. Stevens

Learning Mentor

 Wider School

Mrs K. Smith

KS2 Principal Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L. Hendy

KS1 Principal Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Y. Clarke

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S. Dhesi

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss L Lloyd

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J. Simkin

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M. Stokes

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L. Fowler

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs G. Lee



Mr I. Farrington


Mrs M. Moore

Senior Admin Assistant